12 films to see before TERROR NULLIUS

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Ready to ride into the dark heart of Australia?

Part eco-horror, political satire and road movie, Soda-Jerk's TERROR NULLIUS samples, remixes and recontextualises some of the most iconic characters, moments and imagery in Australian cinema.

Before you watch this "crazy, punch-drunk, astral-projecting, bizarro roller-coaster ride" at our one-off screening at The Capitol on March 6 in aid of national bushfire relief efforts, get acquainted with these classics.

Walkabout (dir. Nicholas Roeg, 1971)

Two young siblings are stranded in the outback and forced to traverse the searing desert alone. During their trek, they meet an Australian boy on "walkabout": a ritual separation from his tribe. It's a sparse and tense survival drama starring David Gulpilil, Jenny Aguttar and Luc Roeg.

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Wake in Fright (dir. Ted Kotcheff, 1971)

After a bad gambling bet, a schoolteacher is marooned in a town full of crazy, drunk, violent men who threaten to make him just as crazy, drunk, and violent. There's an urban legend that during an early Australian screening, a man stood up in the audience and screeched, "That's not us!".

Are you sure about that, sir?

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The Cars That Ate Paris (dir. Peter Weir, 1974)

In this horror comedy classic, the residents of the fictional town of Paris, Australia deliberately cause car accidents, salvaging and selling all the valuables as means to sustain themselves. Find out why The Guardian bestows it "the mantle for the most batshit crazy Australian automobile movie".

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Picnic at Hanging Rock (dir. Peter Weir, 1975)

One of the most haunting visions of the Australian landscape put to celluloid, Peter Weir's breakthrough film follows the fallout on a small town when a group of school girls and their teacher disappear on a Valentine's Day picnic.

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Long Weekend (dir. Colin Eggleston, 1978)

We all know the landscape often features as a character in Australian cinema, but what about when it’s the antagonist? That’s the premise of Colin Eggleston’s Long Weekend, when a suburban couple are under assault from the land itself.

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Roadgames (dir. Richard Franklin, 1981)

A truck driver plays a cat-and-mouse game with a mysterious serial killer on a desolate Australian highway in a classic Ozploitation film that also stars American Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis.

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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (dir. George Miller, 1981)

In George Miller's classic sequel to Mad Max (1979), the titular cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich community in the post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland escape a horde of bandits.

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Romper Stomper (dir. Geoffrey Wright, 1992)

Confronting, controversial and essential viewing, Romper Stomper follows the exploits and downfall of a skinhead gang in a blue-collar suburb of Melbourne.

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Body Melt (dir. Philip Brophy, 1993)

If you like the splatstick horror of early Peter Jackson, you'll love Philip Brophy's satirical horror film. They don't know it but the residents of peaceful Pebbles Court are being used as test experiments for a new 'Body Drug'.

The side effects? Their bodies melt.

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Heavenly Creatures (dir. Peter Jackson, 1994)

Ok so this one is actually Kiwi, but it's a good rewatch nonetheless. Peter Jackson directs Kate Winslett and Melanie Lynskey in a story about two schoolgirls with an intense fantasy life. When their parents try to separate them, the girls take bloody revenge.

Don't watch it with your mum.

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Lucky Miles (dir. Michael James Rowland, 2007)

Based on the true stories of people entering Western Australia by boat, this 2007 drama portrays the struggle of Iraqi and Cambodian refugees desperately searching the desert for evidence of a liberal Western democracy.

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Bran Nue Dae (dir. Rachel Perkins, 2009)

An uplifting screen adaptation of a stage musical about an Aboriginal teenager who's looking for love and running away from boarding school. It features Rocky McKenzie, Jessica Mauboy, Ernie Dingo and Missy Higgins.

One of the few optimistic visions in this list!

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