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Learning with ACMI

While ACMI is closed, ACMI Education will continue to support teacher and student learning around the screen, media and digital technologies.

Keep learning with us by using our online modules and resources which can be shared with families at home.

To stay in touch and find out when we add and share new content, programs and news you can:

ACMI's onsite public-facing events have been cancelled until further notice, and we are exploring alternative delivery methods for our scheduled VCE events. Please note all programs that aren’t continuing due to COVID-19 will not be charged a cancellation fee and the invoice will be voided. Contact us at for further information if required.

Online learning

Discover engaging educational modules, activities and resources to support learning at home. Visit regularly to see what’s new.

Learning online and at home

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Education programs

VCE education programs

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Education exhibition visit

Education exhibition visits

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Cinema programs

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Primary workshops and talks

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Secondary workshops and talks

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Professional learning for teachers

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ACMI acknowledges the support of the Department of Education Training, Victoria, through the Strategic Partnerships Program.