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2018 season

How does a museum collect WeChat? Or show a laptop that was destroyed by security agencies because it held government secrets leaked by whistleblowers? Featuring ACMI CXO Seb Chan and the V&A's Natalie D Kane.

2017 season

Interactive digital narratives, fully-immersive VR, open source gaming, robots writing novels – what does the future of storytelling look like? What do emerging technological advances mean for writers and artists creating work in the digital era? Featuring Seb Chan, Brooke Maggs, Izzy Roberts-Orr, Dr Misha Myers and Oscar Raby.

Is the recent trend in 80s retro films and TV symbolic of a nostalgia for a simpler era? The 80s was a decade renowned for its excess - think money, drugs, eyeshadow and lycra. From Stranger Things and Glow to Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One, we look at contemporary TV and films that transport us back to the decade defined by  ET, The Goonies, big hair, pastels and 12-sided dice. Featuring Mel Campbell, Glendyn Ivin and Dr Lauren Rosewarne.

From the surface of the sun to the depths of the prehistoric seas and the earth's orbit, VR continues to open portals onto worlds we could never physically inhabit. What potential does this technology hold for expanding the realms of human experience? Featuring Astrid Scott, Dr Alan Duffy, Jessie Hughes and Scott Wright.

ACMI presents Changing the Game, where speakers Steph Convery, Clem Ford, Leena van Deventer and Rae Johnston talk survival strategies for being a woman with an opinion on the internet.

The representation of gender diversity on screen has a complex history, from invisibility to stereotypical representations of otherness, including the sexually mischievous to the homicidal maniac. Featuring Bobuq Sayed, Amos Gebhard, Cerise Howard and Bhenji Ra.

In our uncertain era full of real life horror, what's driving our appetite for true crime and fascination with the macabre? From recent documentaries The Jinx, Making a Murderer and The Family to serial killer anti-heroes in film and TV, and the stark brutality of Scandi-noir, we examined our obsession with the dark side of human nature, the psychology of fear and how recent technological advances like biometric analysis are providing unique findings into our physiological response to on-screen horror. Featuring Penelope Thomas, Nick Haslam, Rosie Jones and Emma Westwood.

From the Marvel and DC cinematic universes to small screen caped-crusaders and vigilantes, superheroes are more popular than ever. But how do superheroes reflect our place and power within society? Featuring Martyn Pedler, Dr Liam Burke and Brooke Maggs.

Are the heroines of modern anime confronting the stereotyped female characters that preceded them? Or are they still designed merely to service the fantastical and unrealistic desires of male fans? Featuring Jessica McCallum, Phillip Brophy and Nikki Lam.

This talk celebrated International Women’s Day with local filmmakers telling powerful and revealing stories. Filmmakers Sari Braithwaite, Chloe Brugale and Santilla Chingaipe were in conversation with Eloise Ross about their craft and processes, key collaborations and career pathways.

Vince Gilligan is one of the world’s most sought after showrunners, having created the ground breaking series Breaking Bad and co-created its equally successful spin-off Better Call Saul. Moderator: Stephanie Van Shilt.