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Running Free Live: Crime Pays

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They make a living in crime – true crime. Now they reveal how they do it and why they get massive audiences.

For the second Running Free Live, we're joined by a panel of writers, broadcasters, producers and executives to delve deep into the dark world of true crime. Find out how to make great content, what stories are most appealing and what makes audiences flock to the underbelly of our world.

So, grab your glass of wine or a cup of tea and settle back for an engaging conversation, before joining us for an opportunity to chat and network.

This event took place on 7pm Thursday 4 June (AEST). You can rewatch the entire discussion on the video link at the top of this page

Running Free Live is presented in partnership with ACMI, Film Victoria and Media Mentors.


Andrew Rule

Herald Sun Associate Editor Andrew Rule – a legend of Australian crime writing who co-authored both the Underbelly and Chopper book series – is the man behind the mic of Life and Crimes, a gritty and revealing weekly true crime podcast.

Meshel Laurie

Leading Melbourne comedian Meshel Laurie is a true crime obsessive. With author Emily Webb, she hosts True Crime Australia and, along with writers, victims, investigators and perpetrators, they probe the dark side of Australian lives in our towns and suburbs.

Jim Buchan

Few know true crime television better than Jim Buchan, Foxtel’s General Manager of Factual. After all, crime programming is one of Foxtel’s most successful offerings – in scripted and unscripted form– and there are separate channels dedicated to the genre. Foxtel have also commissioned local successes, including Debi Marshall’s Frozen Lies series.

Peter Andrikidis

Director Peter Andrikidis knows how to tell riveting crime stories (true and fictional), having directed Brothers in Arms, The Informant, False Witness, Catching Milat, Chopper and the ground-breaking first series of Underbelly. He recently directed Netflix's Reckoning and Reef Break.

Andrew Farrell

CJZ’s Head of Factual, Andrew Farrell, has dabbled in the crime world for years internationally. Most recently, he was Executive Producer of Logie award winning Ron Iddles: The Good Cop for Foxtel and he has also run shows like Deadly Women, Dark Minds and Facing Evil & Still Alive for the Discovery Channel and Beyond Productions.