Future of Music Meetup Spirit Level, City of Melbourne & ACMI X present

Future of Music Meetup: Twitch for Musicians

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Join us on Twitch as we unpack the relationship between music, tech and social impact in a series of talks and workshops with talented artists and creative technologists, both local and international.

For our third event, we were joined by George Clanton, musician and co-founder of 100% Electronica Records who shared some insights into how to Twitch like a pro! 

This event took place on Tuesday 2 June 2020. You can rewatch a recording of this event via the video at the top of this page.

About George Clanton

New York City-based electronic pop artist George Clanton has become one of the most prominent figures in the niche genre vaporwave. He started the label 100% Electronica with Lindsey French (artist Negative Gemini). The two have been hosting their Twitch stream which is a cross between a music video/ talk show format with interesting visuals and effects.

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