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Xcel participants 2018

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In 2018, ACMI ran two ACMI Xcel: Creative Tech Accelerators, which supported entrepreneurial creatives in scaling their business ideas by utilising a carefully curated network of industry experts and resources at ACMI X.

The Accelerator phase of the program ran for 12 weeks, at the end of which each startup presented a demo of their product in front of an audience of investors and industry professionals at the Accelerator Demo Night.

ACMI Xcel is proudly supported by Launch Vic

The projects


The project: An easy to use web-app that enables noobs to create marketing animations like pros.

Animately is a web app that will allow anyone to create beautiful animated content. Through the use of beautiful templates and a drag and drop UI, anyone can quickly and easily create marketing animations. It'll help users to create content perfectly suited for social media, email marketing campaigns, presentations; anywhere they need to create killer animated content to engage audiences.


The project: An action-based audio app that supercharges kids' play with a blockbuster soundtrack.

Audioplay uses audio to lead kids in old-school imaginative play that's powered up by a cinematic soundtrack. With Audioplay, blanket forts and cushion rafts become the centre of epic adventures, that put kids at the heart of the story.

Cracked Solutions

The project: An augmented reality platform allowing businesses to create and share bespoke AR experiences.

The costs associated with developing a bespoke AR application for sharing and publishing are highly prohibitive. Cracked Solutions addresses this by providing the necessary tools in an easy to use and design-driven solution. Cracked Solutions will have a user-friendly, drag and drop backend, combined with an app for Android and iOS.

FLAIM Systems

The project: Launched by Deakin University and based in Geelong Victoria, FLAIM Systems Pty Ltd to commercialise FLAIM Trainer™ and take an Australian innovation to the world. The focus of FLAIM Systems is on delivering next generation training solutions to emergency services and first responder personnel. Using VR and other immersive technologies for emergency services and first responders training FLAIM Systems will deliver across firefighting, aviation, defence, mining and industry, and the training providers sectors. FLAIM Systems maintains a connection with Deakin University as the research partner to drive new solutions and advances in training emergency services and first responder training.


The project: A platform to help filmmakers network and build teams to realise their film projects.

Currently the barriers of getting film projects off the ground are very difficult and building teams to complete a project successfully is based on who you know and the network you already have. Lateraly will connect creative professionals to each other, and to a community of international film projects. Building a new collaboration eco-system to enhance the way creative professionals approach the journey of filmmaking.


The project: Our team combines expertise in film production and computer science to develop cutting-edge intelligent image processing algorithms which provide a rich, organic enhancement of cinema based around scientific models of the human visual system. Our unique processes imbue a texture that is impossible to impart with existing tools, ultimately revolutionising the way movies are captured and viewed. This will lead to less time required to artificially ‘color’ a film, less equipment required to illuminate a scene and a more realistic cinematic experience, particularly on HDR displays. We are leaving behind emulation of celluloid to explore the future aesthetic of electronic imaging - starting with a detailed reproduction of human vision leading to a truer-to-life filmic presence, evolving the art of cinematic storytelling.


The project: MagicPi is a Melbourne-based creative tech start-up focused on linguistic Artificial Intelligence for the arts and cultural sector. Our original IP promotes visitor language equity at a museum or gallery with the use of natural language recognition and search, A.I. machine learning and conversational commerce. I’m Robin and I came up with the idea because of my own family’s experience in engaging with culture and tourism in Australia as non-English speakers. 


The projectMosster is an experience design studio that creates with people, places, and technology to bring meaningful journeys. Our work encourages people to participate in questioning and challenging the ways of the world, inviting shared collaboration and experimentation.

With the ACMI X Accelerator program, we are here to challenge artists like ourselves to figure out how we are able to scale creativity.


The project: A series of technology based immersive installations that place audiences in the centre of an art experience. 

PluginHUMAN use progressive new technologies to create award-winning interactive art. They collaborate with international galleries and museums, inviting audiences into a memorable human to digital encounter.


The project: Hear what you see. Effortlessly.

For wearers, Rover is a spatially aware set of headphones that deliver audio experiences based on your precise physical location and the orientation of your head. With Rover, users will be able to unlock rich audio experiences and narratives simply through wandering. For creators, Rover is a powerful, yet easy to use tool for creating rich sound that responds to spatial cues. Rover gives creators power to design audio in three dimensions. 


The project: HI.PER.ZONE, a virtual reality mental coach improving golfers’ focus, confidence and execution.

Vaeus inspires peak performance by helping athletes get in the zone. By harnessing the power of visualisation combined with tools to improve focus, the Vaeus system trains the brain to meet the demands of high pressure situations. In the moments that call for greatness, the athlete is ready and able, and will respond in the high performance zone (HI.PER.ZONE). This is their mental edge.